British Airways Pilot forgot to retract flaps on a 747.

(FOX NEWS Style Title right there)

So I was travelling through London Heathrow, and while waiting at the gate I saw this - very unusual. Maybe anyone can explain what happened?


Umm… Maybe change the title! It’s VERY misleading! I thought that was true!

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Maybe he just forgot to retract the flaps. Or there could of been a hydrolics problem causing them to be unmovable.

Misleading title, and maybe it was a hydraulics problem.

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That title is worth of a YouTube video, so much clickbait potential.
Anyways, its weird indeed.


Was he/she on Starbucks coffee? (I saw the shop)

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Is it a ERJ A3-747 ?

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The explanation/reason may pop up here sometime ^

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Could be so many reasons, most probably just a Maintenaince check…


Keeping the flaps extended is very common. Some airlines request their pilots to retract the flaps to position 1 or 2 (Airbus) so that they don’t have to extend them again before take-off for their next flight (so no use of the servo valve, the actuators, the hydraulic fluid…etc.).

But this case most probably is, as Aernout said, a maintenance check.


Nice shot though, check out the curvature of those inboard flaps. And consider they go from that position to sitting nice and streamlined inside the wing.

Then consider it was designed in an age before computer aided design. Amazing engineering by the Boeing company.

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