British Airways Orders 777X

British Airways Orders 777X


Today the International Airline British Airways announced they have ordered 42 Boeing 777X, with 18 firm orders and 24 options. They are slowly phasing out the older 747’s in their fleet. Even though the aircraft hasn’t started undergoing physical tests, the first 777X is in the process of being painted for testing. The deal is a big one for Boeing, with the pirce being US $18.6 Billion dollars. The 777X is said to be ‘the world’s most fuel efficient longhaul aircraft’ and ‘will bring many benefits to the British Airways fleet. It’s the ideal replacement for the 747 and its size and range will be an excellent fit for the airline’s existing network’.

In the links below is a bit more information about the orders.

What do you think about the order? What are you looking forward to the most about it? What do you like about the new 777X family?

Feel free to discuss, and thank you for reading!



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It will be sad to see British Airways zoning out their aging 747s, but were entering a new era of aviation, and I am very excited for it. :)

This is AWESOME!


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Wow, that’s awesome!

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This was expected. Their aging fleet of 747 has seen brighter days during its long lived life. There has been talks and rumors about BAW being a potential costumer for buying secondhand A380 to replace the 747 and their older 777’s on those very congested, high demanded, popular routes. But the 777X seems to show a new way for BAW heading.

This aircraft which we still have to see how it will properly work in a airline fleet will from just looking at the papers as of now, be a crucial addition, especially to the A380 costumers. The 777X as I see it can either replace the A380 completely or even work alongside it, if used tactically.

To see BAW ordering the 777X is a great news for the airline as they were talking about the deadline to begin phasing out the 747 is in 2024 but could be as early as 2021. Now the question remains and that is to see how they will operate the A380 and B747 side by side. Since BAW does not as of now have any current plans to retire the bigger of the two jumbo out there.


This is great! I hope they fly these things to NY!


Probably as the will be replacing the 744 and A388s

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This is great but what about the 787-10 and the A350-1000 that were set to replace the 747s?


The article linked in the head post has those details 👍

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The primary aircraft to be phased out is the 747. Since it is the older of the two and can seat somewhat less passengers than the A380 and about the same as the 777X.

I can see BAW to keep operating the A380 far into 2030’s as they do have a market where it fits in perfectly. And by the sheer size and growth of Heathrow and the passengers using it, the A380 will serve to benefit them in various ways. While the B747 is not quite able to do the same.

Where the competition is growing fastest is in Asia. And Hong Kong and Singapore are two of BA’s biggest markets. Having a A380 along side the current 777-300ER is working but in the future as the demand increases as we can already see, it is staggeringly high, they will need to use the A380, filled to more than 96%, which in their sense will be viable.

As for other airlines, they are though also focusing on Asia like EK, QR and AF, but their business model is different from BAW’s and the growth of Dubai and London Heathrow are different. The location is a jey part as to why the A380 may stay with BAW for the next decade to come. And even if they phase out the first of the A380’s in the 2020-2030 timeline, we can still see BA fly the Super Jumbo into the 2030’s and bit further since the A380 alongside the brand new 777X can make for a great profitable partner.


This is my hypothesis, but I’d believe that they need to replace their 767’s with something now that they are gone. Additionally, many airports around Europe and East Coast of the US is expanding fast. BAW could be looking for a gateway into those markets by using the fuel efficient 787. And as for the A350-1000, it can easily be used for flights to high demand destinations such as Dubai, Mombai, Delhi, Chennai, Colombo, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, Phuket, etc…

There are many routes where currently fly much older 777’s and rather new 787-9’ but with the massive increase in air travel, eapecially to India, the A350-1000 may be wha BAW is looking to put in to thee routes. Along side Southeast Asia where we have another demand on the rise currently operated by 787-9 and 777-200ER.

This is truly my speculations and looking from how other airlines use the 787-10, I’d believe BA is looking to break the barrier into airports like Baltimore, Philadelphia and such with their 787-10, which may fly alongside another flight daily. The partner in this business may be the 777-300ER, since today the 747 traffic the Philadelphia route, if I’m not wrong? :)


YAY - Im so glad of this - I really wanted BA to order the 777X- it will be a great aspect of their fleet


Great for Boeing and amazing for British Airways. By British Airways starting to phase out their older 747s and eventually their 380s, this will be the perfect plane to replace them with. Insanely fuel efficient and also able to accommodate many passengers. Opens up new routes for BA also with the range of the 777X. I hope to see a few come to ORD now!

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It’s nice to see that BA will operate both the A350 and B77X. Great diversity in the fleet.

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Since these are replacing their 744s, it’s highly likely that we’ll get these at DEN at some point!

The 787 and A350 aren’t really made to carry large amounts of people. The 777X can replace the 747 because it can carry about as many people, while also having the range of the 747 and more fuel efficiency.


Oh wait yay these will come to Vancouver as the 747 and A380 are currently operating this route!!🙌🏾

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Maybe one day I’ll see the 777x flying to KLAS replacing their 747 🤔🤗