British Airways Not To Fly Short Haul From London Gatwick Until March 2021

British Airways To Not Fly To Gatwick Until AT LEAST March 2021

As we know, Virgin Atlantic pulled from Gatwick airport, and British Airways have consolidated all of their flight to Heathrow for the time being. However, there is hope to see British Airways back in Gatwick, coming from a British Airways report, and people on Twitter, its shows:

British Airways has officially confirmed there will be no short-haul flights at London Gatwick until the end of March 2021.

— London Air Travel (@LondonAirTravel) September 24, 2020

This is a big blow to the people in the Gatwick area, but great hope that maybe, one day, soon enough, travel will resume to its highest levels, and be more… normal.


Interesting. Didn’t know they were still flying out of there in general to be honest 😂


They used to have a LGW-FLL service, but removed it after Norwegian removed it 😤 (they only did the route to compete with Norwegian)

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Wow that’s kind of pathetic that they feel the need to compete with one route that isn’t even out of their main hub 😂

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Yep this was confirmed by the airline to us living in Jersey. Our usual BA flight was to Gatwick but it has been changed to Heathrow. Easier for me - my parents live in Bedfont which is right next to Heathrow. 😁

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Massive Massive loss for Gatwick. Unless Tui, Norwegian or Wizz grow out of there, i can see Gatwick going down to one terminal

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I thought you meant New Jersey for a while, I guess that’s what us in the US think of when someone says jersey, because we leave the new out of New of New York and New Jersey 🤦‍♂️

Hahaha. No the original Jersey in the Channel Islands 😀

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At least York (York) doesnt have an airport

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Very true. That would be even more confessing 😂

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This is sad I hope they can come back before then! Not nice seeing all their ac parked up there 😤

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