British Airways Negus Retro Boeing 747-400

Hello there! (I know there are topics for the Negus retro livery, but those are for the 747-200. I’m asking for the 400.)
I think this would be a awesome livery to add to IF, as it represents some BA history and is a beautiful livery. I think this is the best looking BA special livery. I love the 747, and I’ve had a chance to see this beast IRL with my own eyes in Austin, and it was amazing. This is truly a beautiful and special bird. We currently have no BA special liveries, and this would be a great one. Look at this beauty!

About BA:

About the Negus retro livery:

About the 747 lol:

Thank you for reading, and I hope you feel the same way I do. If you do please vote!!🙃

Vote away! This is a great livery, looks better than Landor and BOAC imo

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My favorite picture of a plane in the whole world is this one that Austin Bergstrom posted on their Instagram of the Negus landing in the wildflowers (it is also my profile pic on the ifc)

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Wow, that’s beautiful!

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It’s nice to have many heritage liveries of British Airways, not just only the current standard livery.

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Yes I agree. BA has a lot of history

Caught her in Denver!! This would be a nice livery but sadly I’m out of votes


Nice pic! Also , you could always remove one hehe jkjk

I definitely support this 👍🏽

Hehe maybe drop a vote…?

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I’m out of votes 🙁

nah, Landor is way nicer. I apprecaiate the Negus has more historic significance, but Landor is just amazing looking


Hey buddy you just got my vote 🥳😉

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Thank you guys for the support. 4 votes in a couple hours. Awesome. A few more couldn’t hurt😉

Anytime buddy 😉

I would prefer the Landor, but do whatever floats your boat.

Haha ok lol

Keep it on topic, please.

I have no free votes, unfortunately. If I did, I would vote for it.

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I understand. Thanks for the kind words :D

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Whoops wrong topic sorry