British Airways may not resume flying into Gatwick

@Tsumia I am very sorry for your loss :(

Obviously it is only at the worst case scenario. But who’ll take the slots?

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A lot of them are, but British Airways has a large 772 fleet based in Gatwick that they use to fly to leisure destinations. They fly to the Caribbean, and then connect to other destinations there as fifth-freedom flights (I think), as well as Male, Port Louis, Tampa, and Orlando, so there are quite a few long hauls not served from Heathrow. They also do a lot of short hauls that are just seasonal, although they have been switching some to Heathrow recently.

Personally, I don’t see this happening for now or the near future. There is a huge travel demand from both Gatwick and Heathrow, and it’ll return in a couple years but moving all the routes is a pretty drastic move, and chances are they won’t even get slots once things return back to normal.


(Rip Gatwick to Oakland)

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No more BA in my airport :/ hope it doesnt happen

I don’t think BA cutting flights out of City would be a good idea given its proximity to the City of London. With slots potentially freeing up at LHR, why not consolidate their Gatwick operations there. What we might see happening is that Gatwick will become the equivalent of Don Mueang, a global LCC hub(if it already isn’t ;)

@Lil_Seedy_Boi if they cut this they’re ending Bermuda service 😰


Anyone. Aviation will recover and airlines know this. If BA gave up their slots someone like easy jet would take them knowing at some point they will need them.

Probably not. First off, they’ll have both terminals to manage, difficult enough. They have enough holiday destinations to fly to so expansion wouldn’t really work. Even if they got the slots, they’d probably increase the scheduling of their routes in which they would no longer compete with BA on.

the BA service is pretty important to the island as we are a british territory i guess we will just fly to heathrow but less often still on the 777 if not maybe the a321 xlr if ba is getting that but i hope its still the 777 as its bermudas last scheduled heavy passenger flight. but there is like a 25%-40% chance we will never see it again :(

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Gatwick to Oakland was cut years ago

I would love it if BA stayed at Gatwick (LGW/EGKK). I think how it works is that they fly to smaller destinations like Tobago (TAB/TTCP) and Tampa (TPA/KTPA) from Gatwick, and they fly to bigger airports like Chicago (ORD/KORD) and San Jose (SJC/KSJC) from Heathrow (LHR/EGLL).

That way, Heathrow doesn’t get too crowded, but more airports have flights to London.

I hope this worst case scenario doesn’t show up otherwise Heathrow could be even more crowded and difficult to navigate.


Less than 2 years ago tho. October 2018. Feels like it’s been a while honestly.

Charleston, Nashville, New Orleans?

Dont think you are going to see BA centralizing at LHR at all. Routes will be cut for sure but there is a large amount of 777’s based at Gatwick along with A320 aircraft that I dont think will be able to move over to LHR. even with the reduction in traffic in the aviation sector LHR will still be really crowded if all those flights moved over there. It would also be a major headache opening up negotiations with Gatwick by BA when (yes a matter of when not if) aviation traffic picks up if they have no slots there anymore.

a lot of small destination that are normally served by gatwick now have a decent chance of being cancel like TXKF (nooooo) TKPK and other destinations of around that size

Gatwick airport is so under rated :(

Nashville has roughly the same amount of passengers as San Jose. I can see what you mean with New Orleans and Charleston though.

But looking at the bigger airports like Dallas (DFW/KDFW), Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX), San Diego (SAN/KSAN), Seattle (SEA/KSEA), Boston (BOS/KBOS), etc, they all have flights to Heathrow

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Basically, Gatwick is more leisure and low-cost oriented. Referring back to what @GlobalFlyer1 with the 777-200s being based there, British Airways created a 300+ seat high-density configuration for the aircraft just so it could be used out of Gatwick and maximize capacity for vacation destinations.

Also… Tampa has 46% more passengers than SJC

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They would probably not use both terminals. I expect they would just dominate either terminal.

So what do they do when it’s not vacation time (the 777s)?

I think they fly it to more places just less often, not really sure though, but in the winter the service from TXKF to gatwick become 4 times a week in the winter compared to daily in the summer