British Airways may not resume flying into Gatwick

British Airways, the more expensive Easyjet. It’s the British flag carrier and has a habit of making really impractical business class seats. It also flies to a few unnecessary destinations like Texas as well as London Gatwick, according to a memo by the executives. But why?

With this whole virus thingy causally destroying the aviation industry, BA may be looking to cut its schedule once normality resumes and essentially basing pretty much all of their aircraft at Heathrow, cutting Gatwick. BA currently has 46 aircraft based at Gatwick while 274 of the flying machines are based at Heathrow, BA could theoretically move Gatwicks 46 aircraft to Heathrow, ending service at the airport. I should also mention that BA’s CityFlyer fleet is based at London City, this operation isn’t affected. The memo is more of a worst-case scenario but still a possibility.

I personally think that it would be a smart idea to close Gatwick, BA already has another two hubs and I imagine it would be a pain to move between the three hubs just to get from place to place, Sydney only has one airport and I still get confused. Time will tell. What do you think?

Will BA leave Gatwick in it’s dust? image credit


That’s not good… BA serves a lot of destinations from Gatwick, look at this list:

That’s a lot of routes they’d be cutting. But when times are tough, I guess you must do what is necessary.


How many of them are already served from Heathrow though?

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Probably all of them. But Heathrow only has two runways, so Gatwick would be used to take load off of Heathrow.

Wdym? I mean there’s three major cities in Texas (Huston, Dallas, Austin) one of which is a hub for there US partner (American Airlines) so I wouldn’t call it unnecessary by any means

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Oh No! What happened

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This is very sad. However, I am proud to say that my home airport hosts the only Gatwick to Texas flight 😉!


Oh no, @Tsumia’s not gonna be too happy about this.

Ain’t that the truth

DC is below the Mason-Dixon Line so yes I can say that


Gatwick is nowhere near unnecessary what are the executives thinking? The hell is gonna replace them?

Even if they did base all their aircraft at Heathrow, they’re just gonna add unnecessary congestion at an airport that is crowded enough.


It won’t increase congestion at Heathrow as demand likely won’t return for half a decade.

How about the far future? It’s gonna be regrettable.

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Ahhhh, @The_Real_Plane_Spott, @Ishrion and myself knew you weren’t gonna be happy! Sorry mate

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That’s why I don’t think they will leave completely. Those slots will be in demand 5 years down the line.