British Airways - Made In Britain

As some of you know it’s British Airways 100th Birthday, this is not from when the Airline as it stands was formed, but from when the original airlines that soon became BA were founded and from where the heritage of the airline lies.

To commemorate this occasion British Airways have created an adervtisement which is simply fantastic, I would like to share it with you all for that reason and I hope you enjoy.

On a side not I appreciate that BA isn’t the best in the skies but hopefully this year will be a turning point, with the New A350 we hope to see new products on board and new investment into the service they provide to their customers. Here’s to another 100!

Also the behind the scenes, it’s great how everyone from different walks of life were involved and the employees themselves:


Pretty neat. The actor Riz Ahmed from the movie Venom caught my attention. He played Carlton Drake.



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