British Airways London to Athens |Trip Report | BA632 - 767-300ER

Hello Infinite Flight community…?
I have been meaning to write this for a while but the WiFi router had as much power as a potato.

My granddad worked as BA cabin crew for 30 years, this allows them a discount on holidays and flights with the carrier. Because of this they take me and my brothers on a 3-4 day break somewhere in Europe. This year Athens was cheapest flight and the area has great heritage.
Date : 12/8/18 or in America 8/12/18 (I think)
Route : London Heathrow (EGLL) to Athens (LGAV)
Travel class : Economy/ euro traveller
Flight number: BA632/ BAW82GR
We arrived at Heathrow at around 10:15 in the morning and swiftly made it through security in around 15 minutes, which is good for an airport like Heathrow in my opinion. We then had a couple of hours to kill until boarding so we sat down, had a drink and my grandparents shopped.

Whilst they shopped for wine and whiskey there was time to do some spotting from the terminal. As Terminal 5A sits at the end of 27L which is usually the departure runway at this time of day.

Our gate was then announced and boarding commenced on time.
We got to the aircraft and immediately my grandad recognised the Cabin Service Director. So we got on board and he put us to one side, he then pulled out an IPad with the loads on and told us to go left. We got seats 8A,B and 9A,B and being an “avgeek” I chose the window seat.
We pushed back on time and taxied out to Runway 27L. As my dad works in the tower at Heathrow we skipped the take off cue a little bit passing a Virgin A330, BA 772 And an American 77W that was already on the runway.
the takeoff was quick with the pilot taking full advantage of the Poewrfull RB211 on short haul flight.
Around 35 minutes into the flight the service commenced with drinks being handed out. As my grandparents knew the guy we got extra drinks with my Grandad getting 3 whiskeys and some sprite.
After an hour the meals came out. However as BA had only anticipated the passengers who had paid for business the CSD told my grandparents we wouldn’t receive a meal. This was fine though as we had thought we would be in economy I had bought a meal deal and a pack of sweats. Also the Inflight entertainment broke at this point which was to be expected on this aircraft.
This wasn’t that bad either as I had brought my iPad with movies and tv shows on in anticipation of the 767s age.
There were some thunder storms On route which made the views from the window amazing. After around 2 hours 50 we began our decent into Athens and once again the CSD who knew my grandad brought round some whiskeys and another coke for me.
The landing into Athens was really scenic as we flew over the city and made a lest turn over the sea back towards the airport. after landing I was allowed to visit the cockpit. The pilots were really nice and I asked them what they were doing after the 76’ retires and they told that me all but one will be gone in November and the last will be used on the Larnaca route until December. They also said how they’d both be moving to the 747 after November which sounds exciting for them! overall it was a brilliant flight and I loved every minute of it. Although BA has really bad PR at the moment I really failed to see why with this flight.
Thank you for ready and I hope you enjoyed!


Cool story! Your dad is pretty savage, cutting the takeoff line.


Yeah! The people on that American must of thought it was their turn to go😂

This is an amazing topic/Flight record you our lucky to have a family full of people who are in/where in the aviation business!

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As a Boeing 767 fan, this is sad words for me because 767 are now slowly disappearing for the passenger version.
Anyway, that looks like your lucky trip

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Aviation runs in the family as I have 2 uncles and an auntie who all who for BA as cabin crew! And my dad works in the tower.

My Grandad worked on them since they arrived so it was an end of an era for him.

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Noice report
That I pad looks exactly like my friends I pad lol

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Quite the aviation family I see! Glad you enjoyed your flight!

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Woah! My dad works in the Tower of my Local Airport. Its nice to know that somebody here has a dad as an ATC. Have you ever been in the tower?

Also, Great Flight Review! That descent into Athens must’ve been breath taking.

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What’s a patato???


Anyway…brilliant trip report. I’m jealous of your father, I really want to be ATC at Heathrow when I’m older

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Sorry potato😂 there’s probably more spelling mistakes as I can’t type on my phone!

Yes I have been in the tower but never to the “control centre” because you have to be 16! Which airport does your farther work at?

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great report! I did a simular flight to Athens on the BA B767 aboout 18 months ago, since then have only flown the A321 on that route so I thought they had already been retired! The B744 Fleet is also being retired at BA, though think some will still be aaround till 2020 or a little later.

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767s are going soon. To end of September they are on MAD, AMS, ARN, FRA, EDI, FCO, LCA, and ATH.
From 6 November onwards it is just LCA, and the last 767 flights in the system currently is the LCA rotation on Sunday 25 November.

The 747 should be around until about mid 2020s.

I also did the 767 simulator. Didn’t like it as I dislike the steam gauges and find them hard to read - I am just not used to them. Also not an easy aircraft to land. I found the 747 much better.

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TAPA, Antigua in the Caribbean. Although he studied in Europe. I have been in the Control Center many times. Having a dad as a Controller has its perks. Often I stay in the Tower so I can get a great angle when taking pics. And I get access to every area of the airport. Like Private Lounges. Where there is a nice spotting deck.

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British Airways are retiring their last 747-400 in early 2024, there is still time to fly one!

Flown them plenty of times on the TA route…will miss them when they have gone!

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The Athens flight probably had either an earlier slot time than the other aircraft or the tower were trying to stagger the departures based upon the SID allocated. (Generally 2 minutes between aircraft departing on the same SID)

Looks like you lined up through N4 which is a pretty easy performance departure for the 767 on a short hop. :)

The big boys over the pond would be carrying a lot more fuel and probably wanted/needed the extra length from N1 or N2.

We would all love a little ‘assistance’ but, in reality, we’re all small cogs in a big machine and there is normally over-riding precedents that dictate the departure order. However, you never know! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the flight!


The departure was actually N3 departure and my dads colleagues facilitated a N3, intersection departure ahead of American 39 who lined up from N1. We had been allocated a 1:25 departure slot and this was mainly due to weather on route.