British Airways Livery A350

Hello everyone, as a new year starts I think it would be awesome if there is a British Airways Livery for the new A350. I want to start a conversation if it’s really important to have this livery for the A350 in IF. I personally think it’s a great idea and we should request the Infinite Flight Team to work on. While I was flying to London during the FNF, I really taught having BA livery for the A350 would be awesome. Also are gonna get A350-XWB?


We only have the -900
And see Jason’s post:

They devs and staff said No A350-1000. In 19.4 we only got A350-900

Infinite Flight probably want tthe correct livery with the aircraft ;)

British Airways only has the A350-1000.

Hey Charan,

Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, British Airways only uses the A350-1000. Infinite Flight features the A350-900 where the BA livery isn’t available.

When it comes to the A350-1000, please have a look at this reply by Jason below.

If we should ever see the -1000 in Infinite Flight at some point, this livery would be a great addition for sure. But for now it’s not possible I’m afraid.

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Closed as explained above. Send me a message if you got any questions @Charan_Konda! 😊