British Airways | LHR-LIM | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC!
What a cool flight. It’s like all oceans and plains until 45 minutes out when you hit this colossal mountain range that runs along the west coast of South America, and it’s super pretty.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Speedbird 2239 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Lined up 27R

Successful takeoff

Climbing out of London

Tasty Rolls Royce, but not as tasty as them GE90s!

Zooming over the Atlantic

Skipping a lot of the flight, approaching the mountains

Thick forests

Dry mountains

Safe landing at Lima!

Parked at the gate.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Great photos @Jack_Q, how was the flight down to Lima?

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It was really fun! Thanks for asking

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Awesome pictures! I like these a lot!!!

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There was an opportunity to use Gatwick but I wont judge.

Great shots though! Loving these wing views 😍

Gatwick has a flight to Lima? Darn, I use heathrow so much I’m always wanting to fly out of Gatwick.

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Awesome shots! What was the flight time

Nice pictures! As far as I know BA mostly serves Gatwick to holiday destinations, so it’s worth a look when you fly to one

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Beautiful shots !!

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The flight time was 12:37

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