British Airways | LHR-LAX | Boeing 747-400

Hey IFC!
It’s always sad when an airline retires an aircraft they have used for multiple decades. I knew the 747’s retirement from passenger service was coming, but I didn’t think it was going to be so soon. Yet another thing the the pandemic has ended. I wonder if I will ever get to fly on one in my life time.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Speedbird 281 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Lining up 27L

Blasting out of Heathrow

Climbing high

Made it to cruise

Where is that darn wing flex?

Lucky passengers, getting to fly on a 747
Here is the reason I have flaps down at cruise, so please no one comment about this.
Getting ready for descent
Safe landing in LAX

I hope y’all enjoyed!


The Queen really needs a rework, nice shots though

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Damn, really nice photos! Some of those angles, especially #2, are some of the best I’ve seen in a screenshot topic on the IFC. With a good editing software, these photos could go from really good to amazing. Keep it up!

@Oli_H here are my best three photos ever taken of the 747.


This last one almost looks real!

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WOW. Just, wow.

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Great pictures! Funny how we flew the same route! 😂

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