British Airways | LHR-JFK | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC!
Tanfastic flight today! Lots of great scenery, tasty takeoff and tasty landing, PLUS the terrifying RNAV 13L approach nicknamed the Canarsie approach. Ok I live in Montana so I am comfortable with hard approaches, but not with massive long range jets like the Boeing 777. This is also the first flight where I have actually had to use a SID, an oceanic track, a STAR and an approach!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Speedbird 117 Heavy
The photos have arrived!
Heavy and foggy departure out of Heathrow

Climbing out of London

Flying over the city

We reached cruise, so y’all know what that means…

Lunch time!

Cool view

Bored pilots

Approaching New York

Starting the terrifying RNAV

Perfect buttery landing at JFK! BTW will 13L/31R be reworked to its actual width?

I hope y’all enjoyed!



Beautiful shots as well


Great photos!

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Those are really cool photos!
Btw the 7th photo made me laugh a bit because of the pilot models.

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That looks like a great landing, well done :)

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‘First Class’ looking a bit empty 😉

Very nice flight, and awesome screenshots!

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It’s because of the coronavirus.


I see… extreme social distancing measures!

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The crjs are taking the same practice.

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Fantastic pictures of the new B777! Really cool impressions. Thanks for sharing!

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or the app crashed at that moment

Must me on Spirit if thats first class

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