British Airways (Landor) Boeing 777-200ER

In my opinion, the Landor livery is one of my favorite liveries, both for British Airways, and of any airline. It was used between 1984 and 1997 as the flagship livery of British Airways. The livery was featured on most of their aircraft of the time, most notibly the 767, 747, DC-10 (which we luckily have in Infinite Flight) and, of course, the 777. Both the 777-200 and 777-200ER flew the Landor proudly for many years.

Pictured is G-VIHH, a British Airways 777-200ER departing Houston (KIAH) in 2002.

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The routes that the Landor proudly flew are attached below (as of 1997)


From London-Heathrow too…
Abu Dhabi (via Bahrain)
Amman (via Beirut)
Amman (via Damascus)
Tehran (via Lanarca)
Montreal (Dorval)
Washington (Dulles)

This livery just seems so beautiful to fly. I love it so much on the DC-10 and feel that it needs representation on another aircraft in Infinite Flight. With the 777 rework new liveries are sure to be added and I think this one is necessary. The IF devs said that Concorde wouldn’t be happening because it would be too hard to animate the analog displays on the flight engineer’s station, I would imagine this would apply to many other retro aircraft. I think the perfect way to get around this would be to work towards adding retro liveries on more modern aircraft because they still carry the retro feel without being a retro aircraft.

Be sure to vote if this livery interests you. Let’s hope we can get it included in the rework!

This is a cool livery! Why was it in Austin in 2002?

Because British Airways had service on the 777 to Austin in 2002? That’s just the photo details from the source that I included.

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No, we only got BA service in 2014. I checked the link and it said the photo was from Houston (KIAH). I have flown on the Landor 747 to Austin though!

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Oh, your right I’m just blind I guess. Fixed

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Voted, hope to get this with the rework

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I liked the order. Hopefully it will be answered.

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Thank you all for the support. Let’s get this on the dev’s radar!

It’s hard to remember that the Landor livery was applied on some 777s. Must’ve been a beautiful sight to see.

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I moved a vote for this livery. Hopefully it will be added.

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You look pretty different, friend

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This is indeed a stunning livery, a classic one too, and certainly one of the most iconic. I think people often forget just how old the 777-200ER is, so a retro livery like this is sure to bring a blast from the past.

Exactly, that’s my thought process.

The IF Developers said they didn’t want to make any retro jets for the foreseeable future, adding retro liveries to more ‘modern aircraft’ seems to be the best way to go about things.

That’s exactly why I made this topic, beautiful livery, beautiful aircraft, amazing game. Just trying to get this on the developers radar. If there’s any way you can clear up a vote for this, I would appreciate it.

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Not sure where they said they didn’t want to make any retro jets, but that’s quite tragic, so at the very least the 777-200ER can receive more retro liveries for the time being.

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“One of our top requests as you can see from the stats is the legendary Concorde. We are aware of this airplane’s iconic place in aviation history and we know it would indeed be an interesting and challenging addition to Infinite Flight. However, we develop all of our aircraft in-house. Due to the sheer number of developer and 3D artist hours that would be required to build the Concorde at the level of detail you have come to expect from us, we have removed this aircraft from consideration for the time being.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us since we understand it’s highly requested. To give a bit of context here, part of our in-house discussion was around the complexity of the back aircraft engineer panel. We can all agree that a static image of the panel wouldn’t be up to current standards. The next step is to decide what instruments are functional and here is the important part: even if they don’t move, they still have to be modeled, named, and mapped. All of this takes a lot of time, and we’re at a level now where we won’t be shipping low-resolution textures. Concorde may make an appearance in the future, but for now, we’re putting this feature request on pause.

We have closed this feature request so that votes can be used on other features. If in the future we feel our aircraft process is at a point where Concorde is feasible, we will reopen.”

From Jason Roswell on the closed Concorde feature request thread. Can assume the reasons detailed here would apply to many other retro jets.

It’s a shame but at the rate the sim is developing, who knows how far off in the future we might see another.

Well, some retro jets like the MD80 or the 737 classic don’t have an FE panel, plus incorporating analog instruments is probably easier for them than incorporating digital (think A10). I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of classic jets being a part of the game.

Yeah I can see that, but there’s still a lot of analog dials for a 737 than a A-10. We’ll have to see but it’s still disappointing. Hopefully we get some though, my heart is in the DC-10 and the other retro aircraft.

Ahhh especially the DC10…that I must admit was lazy, but perhaps also out of their ability at the time. A DC10 with a proper analog cockpit would be nice, plus it wouldn’t take long since the rest of the aircraft is already there.

Yeah that’s what I was most disappointed about that release. You would think it doesn’t require too much more time to differentiate cockpit and I’d hope they re-visit it at some point.

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Perhaps this could be a temporary stopgap to implement a classic aircraft in game for people to fly? Not sure, but they did mention somewhere that a few static instrument aircraft are “ready” for working instruments, meaning the entire cockpit doesn’t require a rework for working instruments to be added…I suspect the DC10/MD11 may be one of them.

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