British Airways | Landor Boeing 757-200

British Airways | Boeing 757 Landor Livery

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Credits : Marco Dotti

Landor Red

About The Landor

The iconic British Airways ‘Landor’ livery was designed by Landor Associates and used between 1984 and 1997. As British Airways prepared for the privatisation that would take place in 1987, a new livery and fresh corporate identity was created. A key part of the design was incorporating the best of British Airways’ past while being innovative and recognisably British. The quartered Union Flag on the tailfin was retained from the previous ‘Negus’ livery and the addition of the Coat of Arms against the midnight blue was promoted as a ‘touch of class’. The Speedbird symbol, that had been ever-present on British Airways and aircraft, was stylised to create the new red Speedwing; which was designed to become an integral part of the livery and synonymous with British Airways.

British Airways-logo

About British Airways

British Airways is the number one carrier in London, the world’s largest international aviation market, and the number one European carrier across the North Atlantic.
The airline is transforming the customer experience through significant investment, while remaining at the forefront of sustainable aviation.

About the B757

Why we need this livery on the game ?

Would love to see this livery because it is simply sublime and it deserves to be on our beautiful simulator. Landor is one of my favorite livery on the 757 and I think it has its place in our simulator. I think it would also be a good addition for the British Airways Virtual airline. Imagine being in command of one of the most mythical livery of the United Kingdom and the world has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and other, you just have to vote and then you would enjoy flying this plane with this livery.

very nice livery


Thanks a lot ! Hope to see this livery on the simulator

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Hope to see this livery


I hope also, thanks for the vote !

The Landor livery is my favorite British Airways livery, I’d love to see this in IF!

Sadly I’m out of votes. 😕

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Welcome to the community!

Also I think this livery would be so beautiful to see in the IF skies! I wish I had more votes!

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Sure ! Hope we go have your vote 🙏😉

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Voted now !

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Thanks for the vote @misterATOMIC ❤️

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Thanks to continue voting and hope to see this livery on the simulator soon

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Wow awesome retro look so good

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This is how BA supposed to look like when I went spotting in the 90’s… Voted!


Thanks a lot ! 🎄

Need only 1 vote for the 20 ! Don’t hesitate to vote !

I voted for it ! I hope it will get added as well. This livery is pretty cool.

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I hope too because is a beautiful one

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