British Airways L-1011 Tristar

Its stunt and Elegant!

  • Yes its stunt
  • No its not stunt

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please like this if you liked the livery


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to add this livery or not

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Didn’t one of these have a violent explosion midair? Anyway, I love the aircraft and livery!

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Oh yea, the brutal one where the pilot was blown out of the cockpit and stuck outside :/

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What does stunt mean?, I definitely want this plane it looks so nice!

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Amazing livery

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No that was a BAC 111

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I need to check again :P

Yes! IF needs to add some more classics.

I know of one on the ground, not sure about air

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This aircraft is quite adorable, but if it were to choose a plane three engines to the infinite flight I preferred the b-727. :)