British Airways Kingdom Choir Performance

British Airways organised a special performance for the passengers on board their flight to Sydney, it is a much welcomed change from all of the bad press BA have been receiving recently so I thought I would share it.

The choir are due to perform at the invictus games, which BA flew the UK team out to. This performance in the air was their last chance of a rehearsal and a pretty spectacular one aswell if you ask me at 35,000ft, not many can say that they rehearsed on an aircraft, for a performance,inflight.
This was the same choir that performed the well revived rendition of Stand By Me at Harry and Meghan wedding, here they perform the same piece.

Let me know what you thought of the whole performance, it seems it was a great hit!


Congrats BA for reviving yourselves after incidents like urine on seats. The passengers seemed to really enjoy this performance. They were literally all taking videos.

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Thats nice, I think i’ve seen this video before but on youtube. Its nice to see that they can still sing while on a plane and sound perfectly fine!

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