British Airways | JFK-LCY | Babybus A318

Hey IFC!
Man, I haven’t flown into LCY a while, so I forgot how tiny of a runway it’s got. Did the Concorde have to make a stopover in Shannon Ireland on westbound also or is it just the A318 that has to do that?
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Callsign: Speedbird 2
The photos are ready!
Blasting out of JFK

Climbing into the New York sky

Reached cruise - time for some tasty meals


Passengers starting to snuggle into their lie-flat seats

Concorde 2.0?

Beautiful sunrise

Descending over the city

And safe landing in LCY

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Been fixing to do this flight myself, nice job on these pictures!

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The first and last pictures are great! Well done Jack!!

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Love the pictures. Especially the first and seventh one.

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Nice pics! When the Concorde had the flight numbers BA001 and BA002, they flew straight from London Heathrow to New York JFK, with no stop in Shannon, and didn’t even use London City!

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