British Airways Is Looking For Staff


As many of you may know, British Airways VA has been successful and operational for nearly a year now. We have gained over 80 pilots and are still growing everyday.

Currently, I run the airline. I’m the only staff member here at BA. You can hopefully see the issue I have here.

We are looking for 5 new staff members. I’m putting this on the forums and not a private mail list so I can see my active pilots.

These jobs require a professional nature because you’ll be working with our pilots who look up to you.

What’s available?

Co Owner - This is more of a publicity job. I can’t take all the credit. You’ll be working with pilots and affiliates to help run the airline.

Admin - An admin is a all round job. You’ll receive questions from our pilots and you’ll help maintain the website. You will be working with applications and you will be helping out with logging flights.

Admin 2 - Same Description

Event Manager - Your job is self explanatory. You’ll be creating, and working through ideas for our Events at BA. You’ll pass the infomation onto a Event Runner and they’ll take it from there.

Event Runner - Creates the event posts, runs te event, and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to see our new staff members improve our VA even more.

Currently, if your looking to try, send me a PM and I’ll pick out the best and you can then fill out an application.

All staff positions comes with custom Tags on the BA forums and the permission to use British Airways Virtual in their bio.


I’ll be the admin, as I am already in VAs.

I would definitely want Co owner or admin

I’d be a admin currently running a va anyway

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What are the requirements…u need to have good LT or good experience at game??

You’ll be judged on your attitude and activity on the forum.

PM me who you are and why you’d like to apply and I’ll pick out the best and you can then fill out a full application.


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i have sent you a PM tell me what you want me to add to it via PM

I’ll be opening all PM’s at the same time to prevent any biased choses. This will be around Monday/Sunday

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Can you prevent choosing staff until we work out who had the virtual airline first
Administrator of BA

If you guys are looking for a graphic designer I’m available! PM me if interested.

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You should change the title to “british airways VA looking for staff” just saying

Still looking for applicants. If you know anyone, be sure to spread the word.


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I’ve sent you a PM @ColonelJeff

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@ColonelJeff Will we receive a PM even if we don’t get the position?

Yes, if you haven’t been accepted I’ll still PM you, but it’s on hold until tomorrow evening

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I filled out an application for a pilot a couple days ago, but I still didn’t receive a response.

Hm, let me check that out for you

Alright thanks

I don’t want to be an admin but how can i join a BA VA?