British Airways is Launching Flights to Pittsburgh

Flights will launch on April 2nd 2019, and operate 4x weekly with a 787-8, with 35 business class seats, 25 premium economy seats, and 135 economy seats.

Image Source: Youtube /watch?v=5ASmtX_z5TI

I don’t think this is a shock because British Airways already operates to similar smaller markets like Pittsburgh including Austin, New Orleans, Tampa, and Nashville. It is certainly a key route though for the Pittsburgh area.

What do you think of BA’s expansion? Will the route be successful?


KPIT Correct? Thats awesome! More traffic into Pittsburgh International :)


I might even get myself booked onto a flight with the wife, be nice to visit somewhere we wouldn’t normally think of and see “the real America”!!

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This certainly seems like a nice route for BA and a great new one for Pittsburgh! Quite a lot of people will be incredibly happy with this new route… @KPIT. BA seems to be expanding rapidly and adding new odd destinations to the USA. Maybe they’ll initiate a new Puerto Rico to London route…someday.


Pittsburgh is a beautiful city I can understand why BA choose here I hope BA expands to cvg


Thanks to the many people who tagged me, and invited me to this topic, dont worry, I know. I am so happy! And expect some great spotting pictures April 20th 👍 😂


@Matt Hmm… Cant wait to see these!

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Maybe this will encourage many more major airlines to fly long haul. Its a very exciting thing. Cant wait to see these. My grandparents plan on taking me to London one summer… We wouldve had to connect. Now we don’t!


Woah that’s some great news! Never thought I’d get to see a BA 787 in my hometown airport.

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Almost as cool at the 747 they used to fly…

British Airways flew a 747 to Pittsburgh before? How long ago was this?


As recently as 1999…

Then US took it over with an A330…

Funny. US Airways management will now be making money off this route again.


We have a 777 that flies from KATL-KPIT then to Luxembourg. Then it continues to Doha. So we are getting some bigger traffic.

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I never knew US Airways offered transatlantic service from Pittsburgh. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, this is great news for the city of Pittsburgh (I’m sure you’re very happy) about this. I’m surprised a low-cost airline like Norwegian UK was beat to the punch. Pittsburgh already hosts two EU LCCs (Wow Air and Condor) so I thought the trend would continue.

Good on BA putting themselves on the map in the US. These 787-8s are very good for serving smaller markets (this can be seen with MSY and BNA service). Can’t wait to see how well this flight does.


This is not only great for BA, but also for AA. They split the profits on transatlantic routes based on seat capacity.

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British Airways has put a major focus on smaller airports in the United States. While I do think British Airways likes these additions I think American Airlines (BA’s biggest codeshare partner) do as well) BA and AA codeshare on every single flight across the pond, no exceptions so I think that American also cooperates with British Airways on these routes greatly to ensure markets that the BA US domestic codeshare routes are filling up are served directly by British Airways.


Actually we are now in a different loop with the same airline and aircraft, ORD-PIT-LUX-DOH… just so you know… 🙃

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The second two paragraphs are taken right put of my mouth, couldnt agree more, as to the first one, heack ya they did, we were their main hub for a while, I mean heack they were founded here…

I think it is a major factor to this point that American is coming back in a big way to Pittsburgh, nothing like US yet, but I think there are some big things planned…