British Airways in Indonesia

After a nearly 14 and a half hour journey, I’ve finally reached and touched down in Jakarta. I gotta say this is one of the most interesting long haul flights I’ve done due to the weather. It was about 6,000+ NM and I was expecting it to last 12 hours but it ended up lasting an extra 2 hours because winds kept pushing at my aircraft to the west, and my oh my at the end did my frames on landing suffer. Anyways, one of the best long haul flights I’ve done. Here’s a picture of my aircraft on final:

Flight: BAW1250
Route: EGLL - WIII
Flight Time: 14 hours, 25 minutes
Server: Expert
Time: Landing at 9:22AM PST


First time? 😛

It’s so annoying when your flights ends up being way longer than planned. And with the strong wind/turbulence you can’t disable the seatbelt sign, lol. Great photo!


Yeyy welcome to indonesia:D

Nah not first time. I’ve done plenty of flights that have gone up to 10 or 12 hours. First I ever did was about a year ago KLAX - EGLL. Yeah it was kinda boring just waiting for the flight to end. Plus the winds were really pushy for sure cause I set my cruise speed to M0.83 and the winds ended up making the aircraft only go max of like M0.81.

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Nice photo