British Airways in big trouble in India

Taking it too far or justified?

I personally think they’re taking it too far. The offended folk could have handled this a lot better than spam tweeting BA. That said, there is some (but very little) justification given how highly the regard the man.

Let’s hear some constructive, non-offensive thoughts.

Thiugh biased, here’s what a net has to say: - Aviation Forums

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It does seem quite narcissistic… this whole “don’t you know who I am” nonsense.

I have never heard of him either.

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Typical responses from Euro/American audience! Just wait till the Sun comes up in the “Former British Raj”. This Forum will hum! Max Sends

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Never heard of him… All those Indians need to chill the hell out!

Never heard of him also. Maybe @dush19 could give some input? 😉

LOOL you guys @Boeing707 @Sebwillisfly @Rotate @Stephen_Smith @Maxmustang @IceBlue @B767fan Do you watch cricket? If you watch, you should have surely known him. He has the highest number of runs in both formats of cricket.

He brought a lot of glory to our country. He is regarded as the Master Blaster for his cricket skills. Check Wikipedia lol

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Never watched Cricket…

Don’t mind it as a sport, but find it quite boring to watch. Can’t really blame the guy behind the Twitter feed…

Just because he is regarded very highly in your country doesn’t mean the rest of the world knows about him. Especially in countries that disregard cricket for the most part.

I just told who he is, that’s all.

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I think BA did the right thing. They enquirer about the issue so they could resolve it. There was nor reason for the spam tweets.

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This news made it into the newspaper today!