British Airways goes to a retro livery


It’s not over yet! The A319 is next.

Maybe add “second” to the thread title?


I heard the same thing!


Yes I heard multiple liveries which is great. I’m still hoping for the B777 in the Landor Livery 🤞🏼


Imagine the A318 in a form of Concorde like livery? hmmm… wowzah.


That’d be a site I’d love to see


The plan is 747s one each in BOAC, Negus, and Landor liveries, and one A319 in BEA livery.


From the FlightRadar24 Facebook account.


I’d say this livery looks nice too! I also heard that they will repaint the A319.


I can’t wait to see the next aircraft! Especially the next 747


Any possibility this comes to the 787? Specifically the -8?


I doubt it seeing as it’s not a historic aircraft. I think the B777 will get a livery though for sure.


Imagine the Landor livery on a 777! 😍


Landor lives on — G-BNLY will be out of paint later this month once again wearing the Landor livery. Details on all of the announced British Airways centenary heritage liveries and how to track them at #BA100


That is extremely exciting :) . Can’t wait to see it in person :)


The new A319 livery just finished and is now bound towards London Heathrow. Just received a notification from Flightradar24…


Nice one, received the same!

For those who wants to track it:

BAW100Y from Shannon to London


Here she is!


Lovely plane, lovely pictures, and a lovely parallel landing. ♥️


Very nice livery indeed!


Wow that repaint on the A320 looks great!