British Airways: Fuelled by Love

Hi everyone! As I was browsing YouTube I came across this really cool video! It means a lot for me, as I love to travel too! To meet new people, cultures, countries is simply an amazing experience I will never stop loving :)

What do you think of it? Do you like to travel too? What’s the definition of traveling for you? Comment below!


I love it so much, thanks for sharing :) @Adrien


I have seen this video before, very touching 😢

I remembered watching this ages ago. It’s accumulated a lot of views now hasn’t it

I watched this right now and I immediately came on the community to see if someone had shared this. This is buetiful, I saved it offline, my eyes were tearing up during this video. Sorry for bumping

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Well, It’s a nice commercial. Nice to know that there are caring people in this planet (not like I had any doubt about it)

Nice video, I really liked it. You should check out some of these if you haven’t already.

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