British Airways Flights 229/228(London-Baltimore)(Baltimore-London)

I recently just finished 2 weeks of continuous flights using the British Airways B789 between London and Baltimore and Baltimore to London.

This route is known as BA 229 and BA 228 in real life. For two weeks I did this flight back and forth based on the real flights departure and arrival Schedule.


Congrats! To be honest i would get bored lol

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Wow that’s really awesome! I couldn’t do that it would get too monotonous

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I would be bored why would you do that?


Awesome! The sign of a true pilot is someone who can fly the same route over and over and take it just as seriously every time.

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Nice one good job 👍

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Awesome! I enjoy watching the BA 787 land here in BWI sometimes, its a cool flight to do in IF!

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