British Airways flight 28 incident

Wow, imagine the logistical nightmare trying to evacuate the city of london financial sector!

I think saying a plane is about to crash where they are will get 'em to leave.

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Good point lol

Or they could just take off on 09 and the problem would be solved

I doubt it’ll work out so well. A plane landing on the ground without gear simply does not have a full plane of survivors.

What about that lot flight?

Thank you for bringing sense into all this mess

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This story shouldn’t have a whole plane of survivors.

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Yea true, the plane would be in multiple pieces because of cars & buildings.

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Not the super decathlon😂

After conferring with a panel of experts (myself), the IFAIB has determined the cause of this incident as gross negligence from the pilot for not thinking critically for him/herself leading to them taking a very dangerous maneuver without the necessary performance calculations. The IFAIB recommends the operating airline take necessary disciplinary and remedial action as soon as possible.


That is right. The PIC always gets the final say. I read a story about a pilot getting ready for take off. It as follows:

A B7someing7 has just taken off. The pilot says what he says to avoid wake turbulence.

Pilot: [callsign] requesting take off.

ATC: [callsign] cleared for take off, maintain runway heading.

Pilot: Requesting immediate right turn.

ATC: Negiteve. Maintain runway heading.

Pilot: Negiteve. I am not taking off unless I ger a immediate right turn. I will be waiting on the runway.


ATC: [callsign] cleared for take off. Immediate right turn.

The NTSB also pointed out that ATC will always give the plane a back taxi if the runway is too short

Very interesting!

In reality, this would be the middle of London, so…

The satellite image shows no safe place to land a a318. One way or the other, at least 25 people would’ve been killed.
Yes you could’ve landed in the empty concrete areas but you instead landed on a gradient which meant you smashed into a abandoned factory.


I thought this was real!

It’s marked in #live, not #real-world-aviation.

Yes, I released that. :D