British Airways flight 28 incident

On September the 4th, 2016 BA flight 27, an A318 made an emergency belly landing near London City Airport. As ATC didn’t clear the plane for a back taxi, the plane had very little takeoff room. The low rotation speed ment the plane could not have had enough power to climb. The plane needed to land without a landing gear because lowering the gear would have meant the plane had too much drag to stay airborne. The Airbus A318 cam to a stop on a street near the airport. Thankfully no one died but several people were injured as the Airbus A318 hit their cars and themselves. (This (not counting the injury part) is all true and all of this happened today on Live)

Picture of the A318 by a local resident.

Aircraft information:
Manufacturerd by: Airbus Industrie
Aircraft type: Airbus A318
Registration: G-ENUB
Passengers on board: 96 pass (7375KG)
Injuried: 3
Injuries on plane: 0


Oh my luck no one got hurt

I think if they landed on a street in a city more people would have died…

But the pilot was very good I guess.


If I was the pilot, I would probably hit a few more buildings than planned. I would cause an explosion, otherwise, great job


The street wasn’t crowded.

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Thank god the parade on that street didn’t happen that day.


You shouldn’t have taken off from London City in an a318 without back taxiing. This could have easily been avoided because you need to back taxi in almost any plane at London City. ;)


Why was your autopilot VS set to -1300 feet?


Wide street? The plane has a big wingspan compared to the road.

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FYI the registration is G-EUNB

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The tower didn’t clear me to back taxi. I asked it three times.

That wing must’ve took down a few houses and light poles then

You shouldn’t have taken off if you knew you wouldn’t have enough runway

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The pilot always gets the final say, sir. If ATC tells you to do something and you think it isn’t safe, by all means don’t do it.


So apparently we went in the future. September 4th is tommorow.


I’m not 100% sure on this but I believe some people are way ahead in time zones.

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I can’t tell if this is a real article.

No. For me I’m secretly awake:
In I.R.I


Is there already a thread for this? If not someone should make one so we can compile all IF incidents on one thread rather than a new thread per incident.

Lol, the other day I accidentally disengaged auto-pilot at 12,000 ft and nose-dived, only just saving the aircraft and then made a safe emergency landing at Southend Airport.


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