British Airways First Boeing 777 Retired!

Bye Bye G-ZZZC👋

British Airways has retired its first Boeing 777-200. The aircraft, registered as G-ZZZC was delivered to the airline on the 11th of November 1995.

Final Flight!

The aircraft’s final passenger rotation saw it head down to Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. It departed for the journey on the 11th of January. This flight saw it in the skies for five and a half hours, landing in Abuja at 05:15 on the 12th. Came back to Heathrow empty :( Well done 772!


  • 20,663 flights
  • 100,311 hours

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Damn, sad news. does British Airways have anything to do with the 777x?
100,311 hours thats heaps


The first 787-10 should be delivered this month.

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I guess so… @Mattheus 😩

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Each Flight for the B772 was around 5.2hrs!

Math ☺️


F in the chat.

This 777 served the airline well, hope it gets some sleep now that it’s retired. But it is pretty sad to see it go.


Agree too. Advantage BA is getting a more modern fleet 🤷‍♂️👀

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Can’t say comfort will be better though than these B777’s and B747’s that are being retired. The B787 is a downgrade in some ways.

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@Chatta290 forgot the A380 and A350! Are they a down grade too?

No only the B787. This is in reference to those B777’s and B747’s with retrofit interiors. On the B747 for example, they made it look like a new aircraft, mood lighting, latest IFE etc. That’s why the shortest flight occurred from Cardiff to St Athens last month, they removed the fittings to be put in another aircraft.


Is it just me, or was this retirement too early?

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No…its a nearly Quarter of a century old 772 non ER.



I didn’t know anyone was retiring 777s. This is so sad! It’s a great plane and suits BA really well. The livery looked so good on it too.

Hopefully they consider the 777X!

Interesting fact. BA was the first customer of the GE90. Most likely this was the first jet to be delivered with GE90s. End of an era 😩

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I flew on that to DNMM before BA swapped it for a 747

Still can’t believe some older 744’s in BA’s fleet are still running while a 777 is already being retired…not sure what to think.

They have more replacement aircraft also for the B777 in the form of the new B773’s and the B787. The B747 will have to be replaced by larger jets like the A350 and B787-10. Plus it could be down to what’s been retrofit already. The B777’s like the B747’s can either have a modern cabin or the ancient one

It’s not the fact that both are being retired, it’s the fact that the 772, which should be the newer and more economical aircraft to operate is being retired earlier than the older 744’s.

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