British Airways Fire Damaged 777 G-VIIO flies again!

British Airways Boeing 777 G-VIIO that was fire damaged during takeoff at LAS in September 2015 has taken to the skies again!

These are the repairs that have taken place - Unfortunately, I do not know who these photos are by

The aircraft is being ferried to Victorville for further repairs and painting before flying to BAMC in Cardiff. Likely for a full cabin refit before entering service again.

Track here -


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How did the fire started?

Compressor exploded in the left engine


I’m happy the plane flies again :)

did they actually find out what went wrong?

British Airways were paying $375 per day to keep the 777 parked at the airport. The total paid by the end of 2015 was around $31,000. British Airways wide body maintenance hangar is at Cardiff (my local airport) where they usually perform the D checks, which means it’s probably going in for a full refurbishment.

Make sure then to be there and take photos when the aircraft arrives for repairs :)

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If I find time then I’d love to!

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I remember riding the bus home from school and seeing this explosion go down right before my eyes. (miles away). It was intense smoke up in there.

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I once flew on the jetBlue plane that once landed with nose gear sideways without knowing until after the flight when i looked up the registration. The aircraft was fine but it still scared me a little bit.

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