British Airways Finally Takes Delivery Of The 787-10

Infinite Flight just became more realistic.

The British Airways 787-10 was added to Infinite Flight in August 2016. Now, the aircraft will fly in the real world.

British Airways’ first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner is finally being delivered right now after several delays:

  • Originally, the aircraft was supposed to be delivered in January 2020
  • Then it was pushed to April 2020
  • Then it was pushed May 21, then May 31, then June 18, and finally, a June 27 departure with an arrival into London at 12:00 PM on the 28th.

The exact cause of these delays isn’t clear, however, COVID-19 likely isn’t the primary factor of the first delay since it was supposed to be delivered in January. Some are suggesting British Airways wasn’t “happy” with the quality of the aircraft.

The aircraft, G-ZBLA, just departed Boeing’s South Carolina Delivery Center bound for London Heathrow. You can track the aircraft here

British Airways currently has 12 of these 787-10s on order and will complement its existing fleet of 787-8s and 787-9s.

The 787-10 is scheduled on the London Heathrow to Atlanta and Seattle routes from August 1, 2020. British Airways has chosen to operate the inaugural 787-10 flight to Dallas/Fort Worth.

British Airways’ second 787-10, G-ZBLB, is scheduled to be delivered on the night of July 1.

Image Credits

G-ZBLA | Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner | British Airways | Devin | Charleston.Spotter | JetPhotos
Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner - British Airways | Aviation Photo #5860013 |

This is also a fairly big achievement for Boeing since they apparently haven’t delivered a 787 since April. So congrats to Boeing and British Airways.


I thought they already had them 🤔 Delays might have something to do with the quickened degradation within the engine and fuel lines (or something along those lines) which I know made some airlines not happy


Congratulations to BA and Boeing! 😃 This delivery has been delayed for too long.
The 787-10 is heavily underrated, in my opinion. It has a decent range and a great seating capacity. It fits perfectly with airlines who have operated the 777-200. This also makes them another airline to take delivery of all three 787 variants (United being one of them). I can’t wait to see the routes that this aircraft will operate. A beautiful bird to me 😍


Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since the 787 family was released on IF in 2016. I’m so happy that BA took delivery of the new aircraft!😁

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No more 78X at DFW? Are you kidding me?


Yup, looks like it’s been removed for some time but they could easily add it back to the schedule considering how much can change now.


Finally! I wonder if it has the new Business cabin like the A350.

According to SeatGuru, it does!

It Looks like it got Club Suites! And a whole bunch of them, seriously that is a pretty large amount


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Its got 48!

Yah, but it takes up half of the bloody plane

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Yh I know. Quite funny how First and Club take up half the plane 😂

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Here’s the landing into LHR:


The timing couldn’t be better 😂

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The ‘new plane shine’ looks incredible on it 😍

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Does G-ZBLA have any resemblance to the 787-10? Like the reg, because usually BA likes to change their registrations to match the aircraft, such as G-XWBA, their first A350 and G-ZZZA for their first 772 since Zs look like 7s to them.

Either way very looking forward to seeing these in the sky and finally being able to do more realistic flights on IF :)

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The second 787-10 is G-ZBLB

The first 787-8 G-ZBJA, so it looks like “ZB” is for the 787s.

The first 787-9 is G-ZBKA, so L is -10, K is -9, and J is -8.

But these registrations really don’t have anything relating to the aircraft I guess.


Great to see some ‘good‘ news from the world of aviation! Thanks for sharing @Ishrion!

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Number Two:

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