British Airways Ethnic liveries + the current one, Drawn by me!

Hello. Back in time, i discovered that British Airways used quite interesting tail liveries between late 90’s and mid 00’s, so i decided that it would be nice to commemorate these beautiful pieces of art by drawing and coloring three of them.

About the ethnic liveries

In 1997 British Airways (BA) adopted a new livery. One part of this was a newly stylised version of the British Airways “Speedbird” logo, the “Speedmarque”, but the major change was the introduction of tail-fin art. Also known as the Utopia, World Tails and world image tailfins, they used art and designs from international artists and other sources to represent countries on BA’s route network. The signature of the artist was carried near the design on the tail. However, they were unpopular with many traditionalists in the UK, despite nine of the designs being inspired by either England, Scotland or Wales. The final aircraft with a “Utopia” tail (Whale Rider) was retired in 2006, an Airbus A320-200 registered G-MEDA.

Source: British Airways ethnic liveries

Chelsea Rose


Water Dreaming

Union Flag, The current one



Nice drawings! I would put them here! :)

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Hi. I didn’t even know there was topic for that. Sorry!

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No Problem! It’s all good!

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Amazing drawings, I love the Water Dreaming one!

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Thanks. That was the most difficult one to do.

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