British Airways DC10

BA DC10 was truly a beautiful aircraft and would be the first old BA livery. As a proud member of the British Airways Virtual Airline it would be truly amazing to be able to fly an aircraft with such a history.
This request is different from the MD11 livery which was fake.
I am new to the whole feature request thing, if I make any errors be sure to point them out politely.

A DC10-30 in the old British Airways livery, Credit to Wikipedia.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and if you truly like it be sure to vote!

That’s why he’s requesting, so hopefully for his happiness it gets added.


Understandable point.

Amazing plane hope to see …

They already showed a picture of what they did on the MD-11/DC-10 on instagram. I think that’s enough to confirm it.

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Nice livery, prefer the current one a lot though

I agree but being in BAVA it would really mix things up a little :)

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This would be a nice plane.

I would LOVE this! It is such a beautiful livery! :)


I really love this livery! It looks SOOO good on the DC10! :)

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Thank you! It is necessary with the upcoming update.

It is too good to miss out on! :)

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Giving this a bump

New MD11/DC10 liveries are being confirmed recently and this needs to come!

Wow! I’d love to see this come but I’m out of votes.

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I didn’t know this was a thing! I always knew that BA had L1011s but this is pretty cool. Though I prefer the L1011 as a plane I want this.

This is a necessity with the MD11-DC10 update!

The DC10 fits the BA livery nicely

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Woah, that’s neat! We definitely need this for DC 10 (especially if you remember how many civil liveries we have confirmed for it, or the devs simply are going to surprise us).

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Is it the Landor Livery?

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Yes, it most certainly is.