British Airways CRJ-200

With a small fleet operated by both Maersk Air UK and Duo Airways the British Airways CRJ-200 was used out of Edinburgh and Birmingham on routes all over Western Europe. While no longer operated, it was flown with Maersk for a solid decade (1993-2003) and after going out of buisness, it was continued by Duo until May 2004. They operated many smaller aircraft under the British Airways livery although the CRJ stands out.

Throughout the development of the CRJ, I have seen most liveries originating from North America. I think that this livery would really mix things up and allow the CRJ to be used in more regions of the world. British Airways used these aircraft to many destinations and visiting these destinations in Infinite Flight with this aircraft would really be a treat to me.

Picture credits to David Oales on JetPhotos. Link: G-MSKP | Bombardier CRJ-200LR | British Airways (Maersk Air) | David Oates | JetPhotos

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Did not know that BA had a CRJ (then again I live in the US). Would be a cool one.

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The cutest livery ever!