British Airways CRJ-200 | Ethnic Tail Livery

Operated by Maersk Air from 1998 to 2004 the CRJ-200 was painted in the BA livery. If this livery was to be included this would mark the first BA world tails ethnic livery in Infinite Flight. I personally think this livery is beautiful and if the CRJ is added into the game this is a must have.
I have seen another feature request for the BA CRJ-200 however it is not in the ethnic livery.
Please let me know what you think and of course if you like it be sure to up vote! Thanks (Link to photo)

Turns out they did have CRJ-200s, awesome!

Another cool looking CRJ! Nice request:-)

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Thanks, I agree fully.

Yeah, it isn’t BA as it was operated by Maersk however they were painted in the BA livery.

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I really want to see this in infinite flight, the tail livery is awesome!

This has my vote for sure!

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For sure!
There is no way we will see the CRJ without the American airlines, lets mix it up!

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I know the last reply was back in December but this livery looks pretty sweet. The ethnic livery is something unique, and would be great to see with the coming update. Wish I could vote for this but I’m out.

I was debating bumping this myself. I think it would add a lot to the simulator and it would be something really cool to have.

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You earned my vote Kevin!


Would be nice to do hops around the British Isles with this.

Not just the British Isles, Maersk Air UK has a ton of routes based out of Birmingham:

Go down to destinations 🙂

Wow, this has gotten a lot of support in the past few days recently too! Let’s keep it up!

A must-have livery! Hoping to see it in the next update!

I love it too. There are a couple of other versions as well.

The image is a link.


Glad to see we have consistently gotten more votes. I hope that we can get some more votes before it’s too late!


The devs mentioned the CRJ-200 needs more time. So now is just the right time to give this livery some support!


The tail kind of reminds me of red bull hahah great livery tho

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Make sure to vote then!

Out of votes mate sorry

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