British Airways Concorde. August, 2006

August 2006. Afternoon.

Exterior next British Airways (G-BOAG) Concorde.

Last 15 years earlier and I was younger at the Museum of Flight, Seattle.


Looks good, but this would be better suited in #real-world-aviation.

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Oops, Sorry, I forget it fixed this my topic for info. Thanks. Lol.

No problem, I must say, it is quite the treat having a Concorde here in the great PNW (pacific northwest)!

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Yes. Oh, I see, that’s a good at the Museum. Because, I have more the pictures when original the first time visit last in August 2006 after the Concorde at the Museum of Flight, Seattle last year the same.

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Wow cool! 👍🏻

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I’ve been there but I went when they put a building around all the planes so it’s inside.

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@Henrik003 - Thank you!

@Tucker_Ryan - I see then their someone old American Airlines was moved to Boeing Field Airport and replaced by new Boeing 787-8 welcome to the Museum also too guess old United Airlines Boeing 727-100 from Paine Field Airport to Boeing Field Airport last in March 2016.

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