British Airways Concorde at Heathrow.

Sorry for the blurry photo, I took it when I was on a plane with destination Paris back in 2014.


And then that BA A320 comes in and photo bombs the shot.


Here we see the Concorde mating with an A320 in their natural habitat…


There is one in New York, at the Intrepid Museum (the Intrepid was a US aircraft carrier). It also has a space shuttle, and a submarine.

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WOW that’s beautiful, the A320 kills it a biy

I’ve been on the Intrepid Navy Ship and guess where you eat lunch?

Under the older BA Concorde!!!

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I wish it were flying!

Yes, I was posing for a photo and then this a320 came along and photo bombed me!

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You´ll fly again, in 2019.

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Yay! Mac 1, here I come!

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Each engine on the concord can produce up to 150,000 pounds of trust! WOW

Yay! Something that’s amazing that America can’t claim for creating so let’s see the Americans make something that compares to Concorde!

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Joint project but it has hope.

The United States tried to follow Britain/France and the Soviet Union supersonic program by requesting Boeing to produce the Boeing 2707, a massive, supersonic plane. It ended up being to complicated to build and expensive, so it was never built.


May I say, the Boeing tried creating a double deaker, they couldn’t do that, they tried to make the concord, they couldn’t make that, dosnt that prove something sir ?

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The 747 is a double decker.

They tried making a full leght plane double deaker

That was the original design for the 747

Indeed it was sir l but they could make it, Airbus did, disnt that prove something ?

One of the reasons I prefer Airbus to Boeing (only by a little)