British Airways / Comair 737-800

Comair is a franchisee of the well known world renowned British Airways. Their operations are centered in South Africa at Cape Town as well as Johannesburg. They started operations by receiving second hand 737-400s from British Airways and now they operate a strong fleet of those same 737-400s, 737-800s and soon 737-MAX8s which will phase out the -400s.

With Comair being as strong as ever, Infinite Flight recently adding HD scenery in Africa, and new split winglets and a 737 makeover confirmed in the near future, now is the perfect time to add this livery.


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Always remember to vote if you would enjoy flying this in Infinite Flight 🙂

It is a nice looking livery but I think a lot of people would get confused and fly this in Europe, which might ruin the realism a bit

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I don’t think the confusion about where you are supposed to fly this should have any boundaries. When the east coast was being controlled I saw many non American aircraft flying domestic routes. Also, British Airways operates many 737s in the 90s and early 2000s so it won’t necessarily be unrealistic.


Yes pleaaseeee. Got my second last vote!


Just to make sure I follow: They’re still in British Airways livery, but they fly in South Africa?


It’s a British Airways Franchisee which means they use the BA brand but operate independently. So Comair operates a route network within South Africa using the BA branding.

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I’m out of votes but you got my support! This livery is amazing! Especially with the split scimitar winglets! Oh my it’s beautiful. Could get this livery into IF in the 737 rework coming up. I have my fingers crossed 🤞

So that livery is a BA livery, with the only difference being a tiny spot of text that is blurred underneath the cockpit?

What else makes this unique to the typical BA livery?

It’s obviously a nice livery, it’s BA! And for that reason it has my support, I’m not adding a vote just now because I don’t have a free one and i don’t understand what’s so special about this one in particular… maybe you could convince me? :)

This is a 737 livery, BA in the UK dont operate 737s. Also BA in the UK has plain winglets whereas comair don’t.

I would vote but i’m out of them but i think B737-800 would be great

That little comair sticker, as @ATK said the splits and also the South African registration.

I’m voting for this as we won’t have to use a A321 A320 or A319 but we can use the 737

Reading all the comments I’m confused as to why BA UK fans won’t vote for this. is also a subsidery of ComAir in South Africa and is technically part of the BA group. If it wasn’t for ComAir, British Airways flights to and from South Africa wouldn’t be as popular as they are from the UK.
BA UK operate 3 daily flights to Cape Town(my home town) and 3 or 4 to Johannesburg. All the passengers connecting to other cities from these flights have the benefit of hoping on a ComAir flight without having to go through all the paperwork of dealing with another airline. ComAir has become a housebrand in SA and I strongly support this feature.

You have my vote
Also if there are any BAVA people I can speak to please PM me.

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Since when do British Airways have 737s???

Im confused???

I think I spelled it out pretty well in the first paragraph ;)


have a read of the information in the first post

Oh…ok…that’s cool

Had seen this topic no! I hope this livery is added, very beautiful.

Confirmed :)



This is a very good idea for IF (but I have more votes).🙂🙂✈✈