British Airways Club World Review

Recently I went to Antigua on a British Airways 777-200, this was only a holiday with my family. I was lucky enough to go Business class both there and back so this review will cover both airport services but only the outbound seat.

The outbound journey
The outbound leg was from London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) to Antigua V.C Bird Airport (TAPA).
The moment you step into the Brtish Airways area of Gatwick’s south terminal you feel relaxed, on holiday(I should say, the economy and premium economy check-in areas seemed very busy). The use of “premium Gatwick” security is really convenient seen as there is no queue. After some shopping in Gatwick’s duty-free shop, we made way to the lounge. The British Airways lounge had everything I needed, a bacon roll (other things like cereal were on offer) just to keep me going and a view onto the runway to spot all of the early morning short hauls and even a Cathay Pacific A350

We were soon called to our gate and after a 20-minute wait at the gate, we boarded the 777-200
registered as G-VIIT. When getting to my seat (3k) I had to get all of the things I’ll need during the flight out of my bag and into the drawer, which with a pull along is a faf, after putting everything in the drawer I still did not have the space for my shoes. Then I had to put the BA white company bedding and my bag in the overhead locker.

The seat while being a seat is comfortable and certainly no need to fight over armrests either.
On takeoff, you are allowed the seat in a slight recline. The moment the seatbelt sign goes off I turn my seat to a bed. Please note I am a small thin person The seat is a little bit thin so I should think that a bigger person would find that an obstacle and the seat at only 6ft really should be longer. To get anything out of the drawer I had to put the seat up and move the comfortable bedding just to get, say, my phone.

The bedding was comfortable and it came with thick and thin blankets.
Also, the movie selection was good.

Overall the outbound journey was a 6.5/10

Antigua’s outbound offer
Check in was a breeze but that is understandable seen as Antigua has not got many flights so no queuing. through a normal security was not bad for the same reason.

Antigua’s lounge is okay, it fits a holiday based island, it had an outside area to spot planes however the food options were a bit small.

The inbound journey was worth a 7/10

Overall the entire experience was worth a 7/10


I’m already liking this story :) What day did you travel?

August 11th to August 25th

First time I ever heard someone call Gatwick relaxed…


THere has curtanly been some improvements

the new catering in CW is not on any of the LGW routes yet, but they should have the new bedding.

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I’m talking about the actual airport

Its a well-known fact that BA business long-haul (a.k.a Club World) is an extremely poor product. I often fly it, but only because I get extra Avios/Tier Points compared to flying American or Iberia, but I have slowly been switching.

I didn’t realize this until long ago, but on a 777-300ER that BA flies, it has 8 Club World Seats per row… thats just one less than economy which has 9 seats per row… not to mention the inconvenience of every time you want to step outside for whatever reason you have to step over someone’s feet.

Even Iberia has a 1-2-1 seat configuration on its long-haul jets, BA still opts for its 2-4-2 configuration which is appaling. Its why I think it will slowly loose traction on its long-haul service to its OneWorld partners, such as Qantas, Qatar, AA and Iberia, as more often their products are just a tad more expensive but a lot more comfortable.


It’s especially disappointing to think that this was the first airline to add lie flat seats in business class. What once was a revolutionary product is now a dated one in need of replacement.

i have not got to the seat and stuff like that, in fact, I’m writing that now

The full review is available to view now

Funny, when Prince Harry visited ANtigua, He rode the same plane.

Well, you need to come in the winter seasons where it gets hectic.

Really WOW I rode on the same plane as Prince Harry and they did say it’s busier in the winter

And summer months too but yeah, must’ve been pretty lucky to have that coincidence.

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