British Airways cancel 1700 flights: Pilot Strike

Do you have plans to fly British Airways today or tomorrow? Well, I got bad news for you.

British Airways pilots have begun a two-day strike in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions.

According to the airline, almost all flights from 09 and 10 September have been cancelled. Passengers who have booked a flight for these dates are advised not to go to the airport and make an online rebooking or refund instead.

The reason for the temporary grounding is a 48-hour strike by the pilots. According to British Airways, the extent of the strike was not foreseeable, as almost no information was shared by the pilots’ union BALPA.

You can already see the consequences on FR24: All the planes you see here are BA CityFlyer, Sun-Air as well as long haul flights that departed before the strike began. The rest of the fleet remains grounded.

Image: Flightradar24, 09/09/2019, 10:15 MEZ

Another strike is planned for September 27th.

Source: BBC, 09/09/2019


I feel bad for the thousands of people that now have their flights canceled


BA City Flyer flights are unaffected though, which is good news as I am flying to Amsterdam

Hopefully the thousands of people affected were able to make alternative arrangements 🤞

My Gatwick-Edinburgh flight today was rebooked instantly from City thankfully. London’s airspace looks weirdly quiet today…


Yeah. Not good for all those pax that are meant to be going on holiday. :/

Plane finder is showing 11 BA flights but that includes City Flyer and I see they are using an Air Belgium A340 reg OO-ABA on the route Cairo to Heathrow.

A BA 777-300ER has just taken off from Heathrow heading to Haneda. Also I can see a BA 787-9 on the ground.

I hope the disruption can be kept as little as possible. I feel sorry for all the passengers.

Will regional flights like those by comair, and BA City Flyer, and Sun-Air continue? Especially BA City flyer, are there pilots in the same boat?

Sum Air, CityFlyer and Comair are not affected of the strike.

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1,700 flights. That’s a big loss. For the airline and the pax that are probably getting refunded. 😕

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