British Airways business class passenger ‘forced to sit in urine-soaked seat’ for 11 hours

Really dint expect this class airline to treat passengers like this… That too for a business class pax


My question is how in the world did the Urine get there in the first place?!


I kindly apologise… That the passenger was seated at a economy seat I don’t know why the link mentioned it a business seat

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I think a little kids work as now it’s in a economy seat… But I think this happend the flight before this man’s flight… I think as a long journey the flight would take some time to depart… The staff had enough time to clean up this mess… 😕 maybe they dint notice 😑😑

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Do we really need to repost every bit of aviation news? The problem with BA is they regularly have poorly cleaned aircraft and I’m sure that regardless of this, the incident was slightly dramatised.


Must have been pretty pissed on off.

Seriously wth BA? Not acceptable ever, particular for such a long flight


MaxSez: BA again for Arragance & lousy Customer Service. BA Flights have become cattle cars. I never fly them unless there is no other option with my video camera handy.
Can you believe; 30 something IT Consultant accepted this treatment then had the audacity to complain about it after-the-fact. How do you say “stupid” in the colloquial Queens English!


Being in the British Airways VA, this makes me feel sad☹️😂


Really? This is pretty normal for BA now, they are more so a low cost carrier which focuses solely on profit, nothing more. Middle East and Asian carriers are the way to go now.


Omg… British Airways needs to fix up


Very true, the middle eastern carriers are proving to be a lot more efficient in recent years.

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It’s about time to pottytrain the kid who did it. It was probably most likely a kid not a grownup. And BA needs to have a talk with that flight attendant


Unless you’re flying somewhere not in Asia or middle East…

Normal? I have done over 100 flights with them this year on a mixture of short haul and long haul and this hasn’t happened to me or to quite a few people I know who also have significant travel with BA.

Is it disappointing and unfortunate? Of course. Was the handling of the problem poor? Yes. Is it normal or typical? No.

EDIT: btw I completely agree with you on your earlier post, I thought this was a board about IF not about reposting every bit of aviation related news on here.

It pretty much is, try other airlines. Their product is mediocre and their planes are usually very dirty.

As noted I can speak from vast experience so I can assure you what occurred in the article isn’t normal for BA.

I have also tried many other airlines in several other parts of the world too so my experiences are certainly not exclusively on BA…

Well, that must have been a very pissy situation.


This is disappointing… I’m talking about the incident and these jokes…

Haha funny rumours spreading around ( This May Be the Ugliest Airline Story You’ve Heard This Year (No, It Doesn’t Involve United)

is united always to be blamed 😂

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