British Airways Boeing B777-300ER 20.2 Beta Testing

Well yesterday though I’d try out Beta for the new 77W on solo without a subscription by flying from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Brussels and I have to say it was a pretty impressed by its looks. I had been looking forward to this since the 777 is my favourite Boeing aircraft, specifically the 777-300ER.

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: B77W (Boeing 777-300ER)
Airline: British Airways
Route: EHAM - EBBR
Flight Time: 1h and 16 minutes
Server: N/A (Solo)

Departure from Amsterdam, banking near Amsterdam city centre.

Now climbing to cruising altitude of FL260

Now skipping to arrival, where I am now intercepting the ILS for runway 25R at Brussels international. Wing shot included.

Now on short-final.

Wing shot of short-final.


And also a quick moonshot with that because I love them, with that lovely BA tail.

Now exiting RWY 25R and headed to the gate.


Amazing love the photos 🤩

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screenshots beta testing
Jokes aside, the 7th one is nice

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Thank you @Alexander_Nikitin and @Silverlink
sorry for late reply I was at school


I love the first one! It actually looks quite realistic!

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Thank you very much! Yeah I liked that one a lot too, due to its angle

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So you’re telling me that first picture isn’t real life?

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No haha! Pure infinite flight 🙂