British Airways Boeing 787-8

I’m in! Would love the BA “Baby” Dreamliner


The baby british Dreamliner deserves to be on the sim


I’d love to see this in Infinite flight. It would open up so many great routes such as Baltimore, Nashville, Pittsburgh and New Orleans.

It would be nice to see this livery on IF


It would be great to see this livery in IF. Just giving it a little bump😉

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OMG, the mods see this, missing livery but it’s not added because it doesn’t have enough votes, it will make the sim way better if they add every missing livery to the 787.

Would be perfect for doing pittsburgh and nashville and always flying at FL430 !

Went ahead and casted a vote! Thinking of flying this and forgot it wasn’t in the game :) Voted!

I do love the 787-8, it was a shame that the BA7878 didn’t came out 😕

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