British Airways Boeing 787-8

There was a post in 2016 but I need to bring this up again this is a well needed airline to put on the 787-8 as it can open more IRL routes and BA have a decent fleet of 787-8 (12)
I think this will go great with the 787 as most 787-8 are either Middle Eastern or Asian it will also add more British Airways long hauls to IF
It can seat 214 passenger in a 3 class configuration with.
Here are all the added IRL routes that the BA 787-8 flys that can open up more routes

BA picture from
BA route from

I totally agree but I’m pretty sure BA have more 9’s than 8’s. But I voted.


As I said I need to bring it up to more people as it is from 2016 and no one will go back to the one in 2016

Also if that Reg is G-ZBJF I’ve flown on that exact one.

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Forgot that 😂

BA has 12 787-8’s and 18 787-9’s

Verdict: BA has more -9s than -8s

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Open for business… 👨🏼‍💻

Looks like a smaller and a nicer looking aircraft! @BritishAirwaysVA should your team consider voting for this one? 😉

I don’t have any votes left unfortunately.


Yea I think if the whole @BritishAirwaysVA voted I think it would go well


This 787 would be great to add to the game. British Airways flies to Atlanta as well with this bird in real life (I believe). Unfortunately I’m out of votes.

I really like it

It’s G-ZBJI sadly, close though!

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Usually I prefer the -9 to the -8, but for some reason the BA livery makes the smaller airframe look gorgeous!


We need this, I want to start doing the EGLL-KMSY route.

The 787-8 is by far the best if the 787 family

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The dream still lives.

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The -8 is my favorvite version of the 787 you have my vote