British Airways Boeing 777-200 (Landor Livery)

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So I found out the oldest British Airways ‘s Boeing 777 and when I was looking through it’s photo i found it as the only photo in that Livery and I would like to see this Old Livery if Boeing 777-200 is ever added.

About This Aircraft

This Aircraft is the 6th Boeing 777 ever manufactured

It took it’s first flight on 2nd February 1995 with Registration N77779

It is Aged 22.5 Years as of now

It was Delivered on 20th May 1996

It is registered G-ZZZA

It is configured F17C48W24Y127

It is equipped with GE90-76B Engines

It is one of the oldest 777 in service

This would be quite cool to have-because I just purchased the 777-200


I found a bunch of photos but it would be a good addition to IF because there aren’t many retro liveries.

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his it still in service ?
it is quite a beautiful livery. not overly retro tho

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It is still in service but with the new Livery

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so in reality , this livery doesn’t exist , but hey, it’s still nice to see

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That Livery used to exist


Wow, a modern jet with a old livery. A rare find but it does suit the 777

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Indeed, I also thinks it looks good.

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This is a real livery. Check the British Airways Wiki page.

Wow. It go’s well together.

It looks really nice to be honest. Would love to see this livery even it doesn’t exist on an aircraft today.

The Landor livery is amazing and did used to exist


The livery lasted from 1984-1997. It was designed by New York firm Landor Associates. It was replaced by the World Tails livery.


Not my images


Didn’t it become a thing after the BA/Caledonia merger? Or something like that?

Make sure to keep it down to one photo in this topic :)

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They wanted to make the old plainer livery more elegant. To show off British sophistication. Yet it was designed by Americans!

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I would love to see this in IF. The old livery looks really nice, too.

That plane is still in service even though it is 22.5 years old

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