British Airways Boeing 767-300ER at Heathrow.

This Boeing 767-300, with tail code G-BNWW, looks like an Airbus because of those engines. I took this photo while the plane was doing its pushback in 2014



Nice pic. Flown the BA B767 to Athens and Istanbul a couple of times in last few years. Hunk they are being replaced by A321 on the Eurpean routes

the 321 provides w little more scheduling flexibility, makes sense form a business perspective. Shame to see the 767 go, it’s a very capable aircraft.

Flew Business Class on the 767 from LHR to Larnaca (Cyprus) with British Airways.

Was not satisfied… You can barely sleep on the plane, you can’t push your seat down, and overall more like Economy class.

Where ever do you fly ?

@Sturmovik , be careful, it is an -ER not just Normal -300

How do you know?

It’s the only 767 variant in their fleet currently/when you took the photo. No way to tell the difference between a 767-300 and 767-300ER very easily if going by the exterior.

Yes will be ashame to see the B767 go, but switching in the A321 is better as its a newer aircraft so more economical and also with the common type ratting with rest of the A320 fleet is better for crew optimisation and career development.

The B767 Business Class is the Euorepean Business class and is more like Prem Eco on the long haul fleet, service and food is better though!

There is…

Normal 763s have 2 doors in the middle (738 style) the 763ER and 764 have four doors A321 or A330 style.

The BA 767s have the Rolls Royce RB211 engines which are the same as their 747 fleet. I think that BA and possibly only one or two other carriers chose this engine option.

BA has 13 767-300ERs left in the fleet. I think 6 are longhaul configuration and 7 are shorthaul. I understand all the longhaul ones are going by the end of next year with the shorthaul ones going by 2018.