British Airways (BEA Heritage) Airbus A319

2019 marks one hundred years of British Airways, the world-renowned flag carrier of the United Kingdom. Since 1919, the airline has seen major change, the most significant being in 1972 when British European Airways (BEA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) merged to form the British Airways we know and love today.

In 2019, British Airways has commemorated this milestone in a number of ways. Here’s their ‘Made by Britain’ television commercial - definitely worth a watch.

In addition to this, they have re-painted four aircraft in heritage liveries. One 747-400 in BOAC colours, one 747-400 in Landor colours, one 747-400 in Negus colours, and one A319 in BEA livery.

So what am I asking for?

I would absolutely love to see the British European Airways A319 added to Infinite Flight.

credit: Max Kingsley-Jones/FlightGlobal

Such a classic and beautiful livery that fits so perfectly onto a modern aircraft surely deserves a place within Infinite Flight! The retro black stripe and nose really do add a classic feel to the aircraft, a feature that is extremely rare and unheard of in today’s aerospace world.

Damn Declan, that was dragged out. TL;DR?

Sorry about that, I'm just really passionate.

In simple terms:

  • British European Airways merged with BOAC to form BA
  • BA is 100 this year
  • They have painted an A319 in BEA colours as part of their commemorations
  • We should have it in Infinite Flight!

So, all I ask is that you click that little vote button in the top left. Doesn’t take long but it goes a long way. Hey, without that button, we wouldn’t be getting the A350, would we?

I really hope this can become a part of Infinite Flight, even if to showcase the prestigious history of British Airways.


Interesting choice. It is a cool livery.


If day all of the re-painted BA aircraft. My favourite one is B747-400 BOAC livery.


Say not day

Beautiful Livery. Definitely fits in with all the other BA A320’s. It’s always nice to see small aircrafts repainted to celebrate the 100th Anniversary. 😉


I love this livery, hope I can fly onboard it one day.

Best looking livery by far and if the boac 747 livery gets added this be amazing.

Got my vote. 👍👍
Happy Flying

Bump! After seeing the poll about the BA liveries I thought I’d give this feature a quick refresh. Spend a vote if you’re a fan.

Bump. Such a beautiful livery surely deserves a place in the Infinite Flight skies, does it not?

Would be awesome to see this.


Thanks for your support!


Nice livery. We need more heritage liveries for the A319 as there are not any heritage liveries for the A319.


never though about thus but u know what… this is really interesting… BOOST!

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I would vote but im out so here is a bump!

Bumping this up because I am out of votes

This would be a lovely addition, I forgot this was a thing until I saw the thread