British Airways B787-10 Missing BA Coat Of Arms

The British Airways B787-10 in the latest update is missing the BA Coat Of Arms. Anyone who likes BA will know that this is very symbolic to the Airline and although the B787-10 livery isn’t in real life here is a picture below of it on the B787-8, it is also on most new aircraft including short haul aircraft and long haul aircaft like the B777-300ER (see below)

Here is a close up of the Coat Of Arms on the B787


And this is the B787-10 without it


This is the B777-300ER with the Coat Of Arms


I hope this can be added as IF strives to make aircaft as realistic as possible and something as simple as this makes all the difference.

Thank You Aaron


Drawing that would be quite difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t add it because it would look like a large grey smudge on lower airplane quality settings.

But other aircraft have intricate details to enhance the livery don’t they?

That’s true. However, drawing that would be much harder than drawing the small text that was missing on the side of the Saudi 787, for example. :)


This has been known I think it I have always wanted this

I think @Henrik is right about it. None of the BA aircraft in the sim have it, so the reason may be that it is too difficult to draw. I would love for it to happen, but understand the reasoning.

I am still siting here waiting for the update to come out for the kindle fire. I am mad😈😈

I know how you feel man, they are complaining about small things like this and we don’t have the entire update.🙅🙅🙅

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Thanks @Dashsolpher1 for support

I’m not complaining I’m just saying that’s something is missing a part of the Saudi livery was missing when they teased the picture and it was added so I’m hoping ht same can happen in the next update or earlier

I have looked at a lot of planes on the sim and there are lots of Arabic details which are probably just as hard and the logos for Etihad for example look equally as intricate and I read some where they use a picture.

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it should be added cant have jarno getting lazy can we.

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I’m not Sure, but on A.I you van copy and paste things like that.

It’s not the biggest deal it looks fine right now plus give the developers a break

It’s a simple detail which makes all the difference if other aircraft have intricate details added why not on this aircraft as its the only aircaft I was really looking forward to in the update

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guys this is a simulator, this company prides itself on the finer details, saying it shouldnt be added is dumb and doesnt fit


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