British Airways B77W to Mexico

I used the Boeing 777-300ER with British Airways livery from London Heathrow to Mexico City. The flight time is about 10 Hours 38 Minutes. There was a extreme heavy wind and turbulence coming during cruising over USA.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Livery: British Airways
Call sign: SpeedBird 615 Heavy
Server: Casual
Cruise: FL360
Flight Time: 10 Hours 38 Minutes
Departure Runway: 09R (London Heathrow)
Approach Runway: 23L (Mexico City)

Parked at Gate 542 at EGLL


Taxiing to Runway 09R

Taking-off runway 09R at EGLL

Cruising over the Ireland

Cruising over the Canada

Cruising over the USA

Approaching to Mexico

Landing at runway 23L before taxiing to gate

Parked at gate and finish the flight

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Thank you and have a nice day :)


Awesome shots!

Awesome pics… the first one was also good… yesterday i decided to casually fly above JFK and would you think the winds were so gusty enought to FLIP my big 777