British Airways B747-200

British Airways Landor livery would be a welcome addition to the 747-200 family.


That livery looks pretty awesome! I love the old look and livery, British Airways liveries have always looked awesome.

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And they still need to have a vintage livery.

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Has British airways have any retro liveries on any of their fleet

DUDE! That is sweet! :)


They have several special ones, but not a retro one.

Amazing retro livery’s i hope all of them get added including this. Brings back the story of aviation in a sense.

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To prevent confusion, let’s put in the (Landor) in the title?

Already specify that this is the Landod livery.

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Yes but I mean the title

I’d say this is now even more relevant since British Airways actually repainted their 747 into Landor Livery! And yes, it seems to be the best BA livery

Yes it is a complete sentence IFC