British Airways B737-436 at Cranfield

After flight BA9253 from EGKK (Gatwick) to EGTC (Cranfield), G-DOCB, a British Airways 734 touched down on its last BA service on October 23rd 2013, roughly 10:30am. The aircraft is now being used for training at Cranfield University after being donated from BA following its retirement. The aircraft was in CY149 configuration and Union Flag livery on withdrawal. You can see the landing at EGTC here.

BBC Look East did a special report for the retirement. Find it on Vimeo here. There are also plenty of videos of the aircraft on Youtube.

The aircraft first flew on 7th October 1991, serving BA from 1991-2004 and then from 2005-2014. Air One leased the aircraft on June 21st 2004. The aircraft was damaged on the 14th February 2014 at EGKK when the fuselage was damaged by steps due to gale force winds.

I took a few photos of it today at EGTC as it was the first time I have seen it out and not in a hanger. The photo below however is not mine. Find it here. The second photo is mine. Sorry for the poor quality, didn’t have my nice camera! You can see the aircraft on the apron at EGTC today.


Long live the Boeing 737 Family!

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I want the -400 with BA’s livery on IF, its a nice one.

Only managed a few trips on the BA 737-400 fleet before they finally retired the last one last September. Having a look at my records it seems I managed one trip on Charlie Bravo.

Nice photo.


I saw that aircraft when I was at Cranfield, it was outside then, around this time last year.

Must have missed it. Have been to Cranfield many many times and I haven’t seen it 😕. I see the RJ’s all the time though.


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Nah. It’s more of a history of why it’s at Cranfield, I just happened to add that I saw it today.


The 9th and 10th of June to be exact. I must have been pretty lucky :)

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