British Airways | AUS-LHR | Boeing 747-400

Hey IFC!
I bet you have noticed that I have been posting a lot more in this category, like during the summer time. That’s because my morning is finally free again so I can do overnight flights daily again. Hooray!

Server: Expert

Callsign: Speedbird 190 Heavy

Route: Austin Bergstrom KAUS - London Heathrow EGLL

Laddies and Gentlemen…🥁 THE MIGHTY BOEING 747😍😍😍
Our ride

Lined up 35L

Blasting out of Austin

Climbing high

Flying high

Sleepy time… I hope, it may be hard because this plane is pretty loud

Morning over the Atlantic

Moon is oddly enough still up

Safe landing in LHR

My buddy @Knellered off in the distance

Takeoff and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!


I think you forgot about the flaps 😂


Anyways very nice photos

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you hope?

hey uh you mind if i take this as a wallpaper it is too beautiful

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I was just about to say that 😂

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Whoopsy doopsy about the flaps but some stunning panoramas there!

@BritishAirways001 @Errigal here is the reason I have my flaps down at cruise. I’m sick of having to explain every time I post a 747 topic why I have my flaps down, so please, let’s not have any more speculation about this. Thanks!


@Ritesh321 yeah that’s fine

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Sorry about that @Jack_Q

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seal of approval


Great shots

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